Growing the Soda Folk brand

On track for 350% growth.

Delivering sales success.

The brief? To review the entire Soda Folk brand. Help to tell their great story better. Increase their sales across all channels. Increase store and retailer listings. And finally, to put Soda Folk on the path to being famous! What else would you expect from a challenger brand that wants to shake the category up?

The result? A new brand positioning, new packaging, new website, improved relationships with buyers, new customers, new fans and impressive growth during a series of national lockdowns – all in less than 18 months with a predicted sales increase of over 350% for 2021.

Working in partnership

By building the brand around the central proposition of ‘Good Soda, Good Folk, Good Deeds’, we were able to tell their story more succinctly and capitalise on all that was good about the foundations of the brand.

With the enviable position of working with an extended team of specialists, we were allowed to get completely under the skin of the brand and the business. The result enabled us to build a clear understanding of the aims and aspirations of the brand. By working with the senior management team, we essentially took on the marketing function, and were able to devise a new positioning with a new approach that covered all aspects of the marketing mix and the creative output for Soda Folk.

The solution

We’ve been able to review, adapt and revolutionise the Soda Folk brand, getting all the basics right, from packaging design, through to a new website with e-commerce functionality and social store integration. Not to mention in store promotions at Sainsbury’s and other major retailers.

Our work has accentuated the central core of the brand and solidified the superb reputation of the sodas that they make. We’ve told the story of the Soda Folk Heroes and created a framework for others to be recognised for their good deeds, resulting in a brand with authentic and honest values that celebrates those who do good things to change society.

Creating a new sales channel

The work we have done for Soda Folk covers so many elements and we could go on and on about the work that we have done but it was clear from the outset that the Soda Folk online presence wasn’t telling the whole story. As part of our brand development work, we wanted to deliver a new website to engage their customers further, but as the first national lockdown took hold, we quickly adapted this approach, creating the website as an e-commerce channel, using Shopify for speed. To date, the e-commerce store has delivered triple digit growth and created a new and valuable sales channel for the brand, outperforming previous attempts at direct sales to customers.

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