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Brand Creation and Development

We set you apart from your competition, and give your brand truth, meaning and relevance.

We ensure you own a unique, defendable space in your market – motivating your employees, acquiring more new customers and increasing the value of your business.

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BM Catalysts

BM Catalysts are Europes largest independent manufacturer of Catalytic Converters, DPFs and Front Pipes. Our task, develop a global campaign and realign the brand as not just the largest independent manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket parts in Europe, but also the most reputable.

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Brickhill Homes

Brickhill Homes wanted to hit the ground running with a new luxury orientated brand identity that could be launched with their first major development. Our task, based on our extensive experience in the sector, build a brand from scratch whilst capturing the essence of the company and its ethos of designing and constructing unique homes.

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